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World Straw Arts Day 2015

The Straw Shop celebrates straw art all year long.  Every August we celebrate the medium by artists from around the globe. We invite all straw artisans to participate in this annual event.

But why World Straw Arts Day? In 2010 straw masters from around the world attended a conference in Libov, Ukraine.  Representing 10 countries, the masters voted  a day to be  set aside to acknowledge and celebrate straw art.  August 1 was the day decided. The Straw Shop dedicates a month a year to celebrate World Straw Arts Day.

The below images come from all over the world and represent different expressions found in straw art today. That’s something worth celebrating!


Arthur Seigner door

Arthur Seigner, Australia

Jorge Huerta The Good Shepard

Jorge Huerta, Colombia

Straw Marquetry House by the Voth sisters USA

Voth sisters, USA


Cora Hendershot wedding crown

Cora Hendershot, USA

hair adornment Petar Grakovic Serbia

Petar Grakovic Serbia

SAD15  Mrs Chang Morning Sun(70x90cm)

Mrs Chang, China



Tatyana Bychkov, USA


Pyrography straw artist Russian Valery Kozlov

Valery Kozlov, Russia

Slavica Jovanovska Serbia

Slavica Jovanovska Serbia