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Straw Art Videos

Explore the rich history of straw art.

Straw stars are beautiful and simple to make.  See Straw Stars Kits at The Straw Shop

A video inspired by the Collection in Museum im Park in Wohlen Switzerland by English textile artist Barbara Fitch:

Look at furniture restoration.  If you want to see more videos on this subject, click here.

This video is described as straw painting by Chinese artisans. The below video, though somewhat lengthy is rich with techniques and ideas.

Here is a video showing one man’s method of making Himelli:

This short video is about straw decorated eggs:

Straw Applique explained by straw artist Della Vigil:

From Serbia comes from grain to painting:

More Home Furnishings from The Straw Shop

While this video is in French, it does provide visual insight into how Straw Marquetry is created. The artist is using two tools that we sell at The Straw Shop.

This video from a European television show called Vanishing Trades, where the host Richard Goodwin interviews Lison de Caunes, who is world renown for her knowledge and masterful craftsmanship from France.

The following video featuring Agnes Paul DePasse:

This video shows a twined star:

This video is from a show called Design Commotion with Remy Lemoine at Ateliers Lison de Caun.

This video explores pyrography straw art by Chilean artist Jorge Huerta:

In addition to the above video, The Straw Shop also would like to show you the following video from China as it reveals several techniques used in their pyrography “straw paintings”.

Again from China, this video offers many techniques.

This video, featuring Master Lison de Caunes is interesting for the many techniques shown throughout this French video.

More Popitillo from Luis Olay:

The Grain Museum was conceived and created in 2006.  It is located in Jelsi, Italy