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Victoria Musson

The Straw Shop would like to introduce you to an artist who incorporates straw into her art in a completely different manner than any of our other represented straw artists.

Victoria Musson UK head of Harvest Moon Fox Portrait Courtesy the artist.

Photo courtesy Victoria Musson

Victoria Musson was born in the English countryside into a farming family in a rural area of South Derbyshire.   She says, ” The harvest was and is always an important and extremely busy time of the year that we all take part in.”


Victoria Musson bio pic

Photo courtesy Victoria Musson

Over the years her art began with traditional harvest corn dolls but later took the form of  her contemporary variations.   Armed with a degree in Fine Arts, Victoria says, “I like to create works that have appeal for both design and folk tradition.   I use the barley, oats and wheat we grow in the family fields. I personally harvest my own natural fibre by hand. I reap with a hand sickle, scythe or even a pair of scissors.”





Victoria’s interpretation of the Ivy of Kent design is shown below.

Victoria Musson UK Grain Maiden courtesy the artist

Photo courtesy Victoria Musson

Victoria has the freedom to enjoy the rural area before the land is lost forever.

Victoria Musson corn clockJPG

Victoria Musson

Victoria Musson , UK, Elemental of the Oat Field

Image by Victoria Musson

She learned some the old traditional straw craft methods but prefers to add  her own contemporary twist to the art.  She is inspired to create her art through all that is natural.


Victoria Musson, UK, Harvest's End , Courtesy the artistjpg

Victoria is looking forward to an upcoming show of her work in Dublin, Ireland, later this year. Her theme will be a fusion of fur, feathers and straw called Harvest Spirits.

The Straw Shop thanks Victoria for contacting us and providing the above images.  You may learn more about her work here.