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Straw Fashion

In our opinion, no one utilizes rye straw in clothing designs better today than Belarussian fashion designer, Ludmila Chakunova.

"straw fashion", Ludmila Chakunova, Belarus straw fashion, straw shop collection,

straw fashion designs by Ludmila Chakunova, Belarus

"straw fashion" Belarussian straw Fashion


"straw fashion"

Belarus 2005

We know of only a few contemporary examples of straw clothing in the United States and these are held in private collections. The “Peacock” dress and accessories shown below were made by Raisa Ramanenia of Belarus.

applique dress private collection

In private US collection, by Raisa Ramanenia of Belarus

We are pleased to present, in addition to more images of Ludmilla Chakunova’s designs, images of  antique straw fashions, new straw fashion interpretations or straw fashion accessories by other contemporary designers.

Straw has been found in fashion for hundreds of years.

This page was inspired by the fashion shows of three Belarussian fashion companies in 2005.  The straw fashion show was tremendous. The Straw Shop is pleased to be the only website where these pictures may been seen.

The straw fashion show in Belarus led to an interest in other fashion pieces utilizing straw in their design.  Whether it is a straw encrusted jacket or a piece of historical wear, straw appears in fashion.  Be it straw embroidery on a gown,  Swiss Straw work on a hat using straw threads, straw couched onto a veil,  a straw marquetry bangle, or showcased in a designer watch, we hope you will enjoy viewing yet other fiber art forms using straw as a key medium in the fashion’s design. You are invited to scroll through the images below for examples of straw fashion.



Please scroll through the images below: