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Santiago Salgado

The Straw Shop is pleased to introduce Santiago Salgado.  Santiago is a 20 plus year custom furniture designer from the New York area. His handmade furniture is a mix of traditional and modern furniture building techniques.  He is a  craftsman utilizing straw among the many other creative materials he uses.

Santiago Salgado starburst panel of 4


He always has been in love with straw.  He believes straw marquetry is a technique that raises his designs to an even higher level and really sets his handmade furniture designs apart from others.

Referring to straw marquetry, he says, “it demands a lot of attention and accuracy from the craftsman, a lot of effort and patience, but the reward is well worth it.”

“I don’t know of any other material that can create such striking reflection with light.”

straw marquetry New York

“The Straw Shop gave me an open door to work with this wonderful material and I hope that more people get to know it and appreciate it.”    “Without The Straw Shop it would have been very difficult to develop straw marquetry in US”.

American straw marquetry furniture,

“It is just so beautiful.”

We invite you to scroll through the below gallery.

After viewing his pieces below you will have the opportunity to learn even more about him at the end of this page.

Santiago Salgado starburst table, Courtesy Santiago Salgado Inc

Santiago Salgado starburst table, Courtesy Santiago Salgado Inc

The following video will give you even more insight into this artist.

If you are in the New York area, we encourage you to contact him.