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Wowzer!  What is this?


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Look what The Straw Shop exclusively offers! A completely new palette of wheat straw. We all appreciate color variety as seen in the popularity of our multi-colored wheat stalks and our rye straw Grab Bag so when The Straw Shop had the opportunity to exclusively offer something brand new to straw color palettes we did!

This 4 shade assortment offers pale green, pale pink, bright yellow and dark red. We’ve not seen two of these shades before: the light pink or the pale green!

Wowzer describes our reaction to this assortment of colors. These sensational colors iron beautifully by the way.

Imagine the new visual possibilities: Quilled straw, straw mobiles, Swiss Spreuers, stars made from our Star Mold Set or the individual color accents or weaves. The Straw Shop’s Wowzer is available to the limited quantity on hand. Each bag contains 50 approximate 9 inch stalks  (22 cm). Isn’t this an obvious addition for your straw palette?

The Straw Shop’s exclusive mixed wheat stalk straw Wowzer is making a world premier!



Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions10 × 7 × .1 in


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