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Vibrant, versatile Red!


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The Straw Shop is pleased to present the most unusual and artistic straw, the Fantasy range.The nine-inch long, machine ironed, packs of 100 wheat straws, consist of never before seen multiple shades of a single color within a package. The shade variation within each pack enhances a straw artist’s creativity in enabling blending and shading within a design.  If you are looking to use a single color, or to incorporate a single color alongside the shades, please also look our other wheat products.

This is a vibrant red.   Imagine having this color already flattened ready anytime at your finger tips.  There will be slight variations in tone but it is a one of those have-to-have shades of red. But that’s art.

Stock up on this amazing custom ordered item before this Fantasy Red vanishes forever!


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × .1 in


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