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Wheat “STALK Sampler”


STALK Sampler! Really?


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The Straw Shop offers an exclusive assortment of our many wheat stalk finds. An assortment of wheat stalks in one box we’re calling a STALK Sampler!  That’s a first!

Our “STALK Sampler”  is unique as it contains 6 packaged varieties of dyed wheat found only at The Straw Shop. In addition to Bleached and Multi-colored, we exclusively offer Black, 2 Red shades, our Wowzer together with our Natural stalks giving you 7 different wheat products to sample from.  Circumference may vary, as they are plants and possibly different varieties.

This sampler allows the artist the largest variety of colored wheat stalks at their fingertips! Each package contains 50 approximately nine-inch stalks. Isn’t this an obvious staple for your straw palette? 350 pieces!  This is a super straw deal at $25.00!  Straw enthusiasts will appreciate this boxed variety. Couple this” STALK Sampler” with our other new idea the Ironed Sampler and any of our Star Kits for unique creations; or create your own straw mobile. The creative possibilities are endless. You will find many occasions to use this assortment.

Finally a STALK Sampler! Have you ever seen any assortment like this offered elsewhere?  Of course not, it’s another The Straw Shop exclusive product!



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Weight13.5 oz
Dimensions12.5 × 5 × 5 in


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