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Straw Star Kit 1 – Beginner


Straw Star Kit 1 Beginner

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The Beginner Straw Star Kit 1 has been updated!

Kit 1 consists of a 38 page instruction book, written in English, along with two crown molds and a straw splitter. The book describes the use of the two 12-segment crown molds and 6-strand splitter. Step-by-step instructions from simple to more difficult stars are provided. In addition.  A package of 50 natural wheat straws and now 50 multicolored wheat stalks, as well as a tying needle for some red thread to get you going right away is also included. That is enough to make approximately 20 stars.  When you’re ready we have the straw you will need to make more!

Once you’ve mastered Kit 1, you’ll really enjoy Kit 2 and  Kit 3!  These kits build on the skills you learned in Kit 1 and provide you with additional styles of stars. Now that you are familiar with the 12 segment star mold, you’ll want this 16 segment star mold. If you later find yourself inspired, you may to consider our Straw Mold Set.

The Straw Shop’s natural wheat stalks are a different variety than those straw stalks included in the kits. Natural wheat stalks are always available at The Straw Shop.   Consider adding flattened straw or more color!   Wish the stars were lighter in color? Our bleached straw stalks make that possible. Our STALK Sampler is a natural addition.

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Weight5 oz
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