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Straw Star Kit 2 – Large Advanced Stars


This kit is for Straw Star Kit users with some experience.

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This kit is for Straw Star Kit users with some experience.  We highly recommend our Straw Shop Splitter Set for the versatility this kit can offer.

This kit consists of one instruction book with 32 pages, the universal mold, a 2+3 straw splitter, and 50 straws. The book is in German and an English translation is included. The book describes in detail how to create 12, 24 and 8-pointed stars.  This kit’s stars are stunningly intricate.   Be sure to see the tutorial video, as a refresher, on our Straw Stars  page.   The wheat stalks we carry are a different variety than those in the kits.  Be sure to have enough!  Have you seen the 16 segment star mold?

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Weight 7.5 oz
Dimensions 10 x 7 x 1 in


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