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Rye Straw – Grab Bag


The Straw Shop offers Mixed Rye colors!

You’ve asked -we listened!!

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The Straw Shop is delighted to offer a product we call Grab Bag. By definition a Grab Bag is a container from which a person chooses an item at random, without knowing the contents. If you love color this is for you!

We proudly and exclusively offered the first packaged assortment of rye straw colors. Every bag is different.They may or may not contain the colors pictured here. Your Grab Bag may be a mixture of antique, dark purple, shocking pink, burgundy, redwood, spring greens, bleached, bronze, orange, black, striking blue, greens, yellow, red, ivory; the possibilities are nearly endless.  This offering is so exciting!   Our Grab Bag is perfect for those wanting to add new choices to their straw palette. Do you need a color but not a quarter pound of it? This is a great find for straw artisans who use color in their “paintings”.  Are you being introduced to straw marquetry?  This Grab Bag will help you along with your new interest as you learn about this natural medium,different widths and lengths. For those straw artisans that create starburst panels our Grab Bag selection would be a perfect whimsical choice. For those who tie straw, can you imagine the stars you can create?  Can you imagine the mobile floating about in living color??  This is a really fun find.  No special color requests- it’s called Grab Bag for a reason!

How the straw arrives:  4 ounces is, by rough estimate–200 +/- stalks, ranging in length from about 9 inches to 21. Circumferences, just like seasons, will differ too.

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Weight5.75 oz
Dimensions26 × 6 × 1 in


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