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Marqueterie De Paille Assemblages Graphiques


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released in 2019 this must have book is already difficult to find!!  Marqueterie De Paille Assemblages Graphiques  (or translated as Straw Marquetry Assemblages and Graphics) has arrived.

This comprehensive book on the style of straw work in the furniture field called straw marquetry, written by Master Anne Marie Choain-Dugand, is for those who work straw marquetry or are curious about the process and want to learn more.  The title of the book tells you it is a “how to book” and thankfully Anne Marie Choain-Dugand has documented some instructions regarding how to make straw marquetry patterns in a book. The subject and method of straw marquetry is seldom written about.  This may be the best book The Straw Shop has seen written on one style of straw work in a long time.  Packed full of images that will answer some of your questions from of how to apply rye straw to achieving several different patterns, such as the  “sun-ray” and many more.  It may be written in French but the images and drawings will help guide you. The Straw Shop highly recommends this book for your library regarding the subject of straw marquetry.  An excellent reference book on the subject.    143 pages, Éditions Vial Publishing (04/2019), 10 x 8 x 0.5 inches. ( 23.6 x 29.7 x 1.5 cm)  ISBN 10 : 2851012185  ISBN 13 : 9782851012180.

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