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Making Mobiles


Making Straw Mobiles, Poland Style!

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The Straw Shop offers another straw arts book in English!

The Straw Shop discovered a new book about straw mobiles!  Written by Karolina Merska and published in 2021, Making Mobiles introduces straw mobiles that are made in the Polish tradition, called Pajak (Pronounced ‘pah-yonk’) (Plural: Pajaki).

Pajaki are straw mobiles decorated with colorful tissue paper in a variety of designs, such as flowers, paper disks, pompoms, unlike any other geometrically based straw mobile because they invite personal creativity!  With more than 15 ideas great instructions suggested in this “how-to” book we think you’ll find this book inspirational. Our STALK Sampler would be a natural choice to accompany your book.

The Straw Shop recommends this newly found edition for your straw art library, especially for those who admire straw mobiles as much as The Straw Shop does.


Published 2021 by Pavillon, 192 pages , ISBN: 978-1-911641-63-6

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