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Machine Ironed Sulfur Smoked Wheat Stalks


Sulfur Smoked Ironed Wheat Joins The Straw Shop.

What does that mean?

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The Straw Shop introduces a new wheat product joining our selection of machine ironed wheat stalks.  Another The Straw Shop exclusive product, only found here!

We located sulfur smoked wheat stalks that are ironed.  Each package contains 100 ironed nine-inch stalks and average slightly more than 1/2 inch wide!  The color is a cross between natural and a fully bleached wheat. The photo doesn’t capture the light.  We almost named it “In-between”.  You’ll love this new staple for your straw palette.

What is sulfur smoked? It is a common method for bleaching wheat/straw found world wide and has been practiced for centuries. With the method of sulfur smoking, unlike vat dyes, over time the bleached color will react to light exposure and fade returning to the straw’s natural color.


Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions10 × 7 × .1 in


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