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La Marqueterie de paille en déco by Anne-Marie Choain-Degand


This extremely popular and sought after book is offered once again!

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The Straw Shop is pleased to offer yet another book on straw marquetry methods and designs.  Beautifully illustrated, this now out of print book is a true find! Written by Anne-Marie Choain-Degand, “La Marqueterie de paille en déco” is a book that offers instructions, many through illustration, of various styles of straw marquetry application.   Written in French by well respected and honored straw marquetry artist Anne-Marie Choain-Degand. Published in 2010, she shares in this 95 page book her inspiring examples of contemporary uses of straw marquetry. The Straw Shop highly recommends this book and thanks the author for making them available once again to The Straw Shop.

While The Straw Shop has all three of Anne-Marie Choain-Degand’s books, wouldn’t this be a good time to ensure you have a copy of each in your library?

Published 2010 by Groups Eyrolles, ISBN: 978-2-212-12558-0.

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