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Hindenburg White-Straw Cutter and Smoother


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  Hindenburg -Straw Cutter and Smoother

What is a Hindenburg?

This is an essential tool whenever working with split straw. The Hindenburg’s main uses are for splitting straw length wise, and then to smooth out the straw in order to crush the pith making the straw soft and workable.

This tool is The Straw Shop’s updated version of England’s Gordon Thwaites  “Hindenburg”.

In the 1990s Mr. Thwaites  was asked to reproduce an old tool called the Halmenschaber which originated in Switzerland.  At a loss for an easier name to call this tool Gordon was reproducing for straw workers, he turned to Veronica Main and his daughter, Hillary, for a new name for the tool. Hillary Thwaites suggested the name HIndenburg because the handle’s shape reminded her of the airship. The group decided then to name the reproduction of the Swiss Halmenschaber tool a Hindenburg.  Like the original Halmenschaber tool this is used to split and smooth straw. The blade’s point is inserted into the hollow stem of a straw and slit along its length. The flat edge of the blade is then used to smooth the straw.   The comfortably shaped handle is made of Delrin, a world respected durable white plastic material that will wipe clean. No need to re-oil this Hindenburg! Coupled with the new 316 beveled stainless steel blade, this tool is a welcomed choice never before available anywhere. The Straw Shop substituted the Hindenburg’s handle to a maintenance free handle and improved the blade’s material and cutting surface.  Due to the improvements, our name is proudly displayed on the blade.

  • Construction: Food Grade White resin called Delrin® handle
  • 316 Stainless Steel Blade
  • Approximate Dimensions: Handle 3.5 inches
  • Blade 1 inch x 1.5 inches

You’ll find yourself using this tool time and time again. Our handle and blade are so easy to clean. Manufactured exclusively in the USA by The Straw Shop.


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