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Beginner Straw Kits Set from Lithuania


Good things come in small packages!

Beginner Straw Kits from Lithuania!!

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The Straw Shop exclusively offers a limited number of beginner straw kits from Lithuania! The Vilnius Ethnic Cultural Center offers 2 straw kits described as beginning straw kits to introduce you to their style of straw work.

The combined the kits are great for those who would like to learn these beautiful straw ornaments. Begin with the blue boxed kit, translated to “Try it and Find out!’ labeled in English as “Thread and Learn”  introduces you to threading and tying  straw through stars, garlands, and a geometrical shape. The second kit really requires familiarity with the skills learned in the first kit so it is recommended after completing the first kit. The second kit is called My First Straw Garden.

1 of each of the kits are offered in this Beginner Straw Kits Set. All of the simple contents have been supplied. Included is thread and a long needle (you’ll use again and again), instructions in English, and the Lithuanian grown rye straw as provided for each kit.  Please note: The Straw Shop does not offer refills of  Lithuanian grown plant products; nor does the Cultural Center.  However, we do offer wheat stalks that can be cut to size in either bleached, natural or multi-colors. That way you can make as many wheat stars,diamonds, garlands, and gardens as you’d like, with instructions to refer to.

You won’t find this very limited product of Lithuanian Beginner Straw Kits Set anywhere but The Straw Shop, naturally.

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