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Per-Åke Backman

The Straw Shop welcomes Per-Åke Backman of Sweden.

Per-Åke Backman

Per-Åke Backman(1963)  was born and raised in the village of Lycka in Leksand, a small community located in the cultural conservative landscape Dalecarlia located in the middle of Sweden, where he still lives and works as Leksand Municipality’s Culture Secretary.

Creatively, Mr. Backman became known for his straw mobiles. His style is a mix of tradition and creative license.  His straw crowns, as he refers to them, are fresh and innovative which makes them beautifully soaring and universal.

In 2012, he celebrated 20 years as an artist with the exhibition “Straw crown of today” in Mora Culture house. Here are just a few samples of his work photographed by Lennart Edvardsson:




We are pleased to share some additional photos from Winter Light Collection that will be shown in his  2014 winter collection in Leksand Culture House; Sweden.

The shadow play associated with this himelli adds to its interest.

Himelli by per-åke-backman-with egg 640x720, himelli, straw mobile, the straw shop

Per-Åke Backman. (Foto Kurbits)