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Patricia Fossoux

The Straw Shop is pleased to welcome and introduce you to Patricia Fossoux.  Originally from Brazil, marriage brought her to France more than 30 years ago.

Before tackling straw, Patricia worked with paper mâché, ink work techniques, mosaics and wood until ultimately dedicating herself to straw artwork.

Patricia has participated in many art exhibitions, one of them being the famous JEMA (European Fine Arts and Crafts show) held each year in early April throughout France and extending to some other EU countries. Held over 3 days, this show are totally dedicated to French and now European fine, and sometimes forgotten, crafts.

From wood marquetarian Raphaël Toledano and straw marquetarians, Lison de Caunes and Mariette Kern, she picked up helpful advice.  Thanks to the encounters she has had with these masters, coupled with their well-proven techniques and her own inspiration, her pieces of art take shape in a very personal and original way.

Fossoux Patricia

Her 10 years of experience in the straw medium has created some beautiful fluid pieces.

Patricia Fossoux screen large

Screen by Patricia Fossoux


Patricia Fossoux lamp base

lamp base by Patricia Fossoux


I work both wood and straw. Why straw?

“Straw is an exceptional material to “domesticate” ; it has unique, iridescent and vibrant qualities. When worked into patterns and, depending on one’s perspective, the 3-D effect is spectacular. The straw’s quality is important.  The assembly skill of the artist is ultimately decisive as to the success of the piece.”

Patricia Fossoux  example for me

Results of her ongoing research in harmony and balance reflect her mood and personality.

Patricia Fossoux  top of the grand table

Curves, cycloids, revolutions, transformations, symmetry, inversions, illusions.  Nature and mathematics.  Geometry and figuration.  Abstraction and Op’Art...These are Patricia’s creative building blocks.

Patricia Fossoux exposition 2012


You may be familiar with her table video made in 2013.

In closing, “The time and infinity, light and colors” … are the key masters of her creative universe.

The Straw Shop encourages you to seek out Patricia’s work.