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Jorge Huerta


Jorge Huerta straw artist

The Straw Shop is please to introduce Chilean wheat and barley straw artist Jorge Huerta, currently residing in Medellin, Colombia.

Inspired by a straw box his sister had, Jorge began teaching himself straw work in 2007.  Using wheat and barley straws and some tinted straw available locally, he began his own straw journey.  With no guidance or reference, he learned  the methods  of pyrography , braiding, cutting, ironing, bleaching ,plaiting and tinting. He often combines many of these techniques in his work.  But his true passion is pyrography.


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Jorge Huerta Pegasus 2018., The Straw Shop, straw pyrography

Jorge Huerta Pegasus 2018.

Jorge’s subject matter is varied.  Fantasy, realism, religious interpretation and nature. Please enjoy the below gallery as a sampling of his work:




Jorge Huerta at work

His attention to detail is showcased nicely in the following video:

His video about straw pyrography is quite good:


In order to see more of  Jorge’s work please view his blog. We are delighted to have met him and share his work.