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Jasmin Mesaric

The Straw Shop is pleased to introduce a self-taught artist residing in Croatia.

As a child he loved to paint and draw for pleasure.  He worked in several mediums; colored pencils, oil paintings and water colors.   A professor of political science by profession; he decided to expand upon his artistic talents in 1982.  Using straw as his medium he made his pieces initially as gifts for special friends until he began to create special orders for customers.

His name is Jasmin Mesaric.

Over the last few decades he has been able to supplement his family’s income and children’s education through his straw work.

Admittedly he began creating straw images for his children such as Disney characters they would identify with.  He’s also done religious iconic pieces. He discovered his artistic talents and understanding of perspective, and shading was an asset when he merged into straw work. As with any dedicated artist he has evolved significantly since his early days of creating Disney character pictures.

Jasmin Mesarić

Jasmin Mesarić

His medium is rye straw.   As he explains,

” I draw a sketch on a tracing paper  for each motif of my art work.

I separate shades from lightest to darkest shades on this sketch.

In the meantime, I tone segments of a straw using a heated iron. Then I glue these segments on a final background based on the mentioned sketch. The straw is glued in a single layer.   I’m making straw intarsia for about 30 years.”

Here is an example of the rich tones in the  color palette he creates through the use of his iron:

pyrography tones straw after ironing photo courtesy Jasmin Mesmeric, The Straw Shop, straw art, pyrography straw , inlaid straw

Photo courtesy Jasmin Mesaric

His work style is noticeably different than other straw artists in his region in that his style is like the assembly of an intricate puzzle.   As with each inlaid straw piece hundreds  are required for his “paintings” to come alive.  His paintings are approximately 40cm to 60 cm in size (or approximately 15 inches by 24 inches). The Lighthouse painting below took the artist more than two months to complete.   His subject matter, as you are about to see, it quite diverse.

Jasmin Mesaric, Lighthouse

Based on the images shown below you will see his masterful use of  various straw shades to achieve his pictures.  The 1931 Ford shown below required nearly 300 hours to complete.

Jasmin mesaric FORD A Roadster 1931

Jasmin Mesaric FORD A Roadster 1931

You might also enjoy the following gallery of close-ups of the car:

The following picture measures 18 x 25 inches.  His pyrography technique is outstanding.

Jasmin Mesaric Violin and orchids

Jasmin Mesaric Violin and orchids

Here are some close-ups of Violins and Orchids:

asmin Mesaric Violin and orchids, violin close-up

Jasmin Mesaric Violin and orchids, violin close-up

Jasmin Mesaric Violin and Orchids, orchids detail

Jasmin Mesaric Croatia flamenco dancer, The Straw Shop, straw art, pyrography straw , inlaid straw

Flamenco Dancer by Jasmin Mesaric

In 2018 Jasmin created and shared the following creation:

Jasmin Mesaric ,Peacock 2018

Jasmin Mesaric ,Peacock 2018

Jasmin Mesaric Croatia In vino veritas

In Vino Veritas by Jasmin Mesaric


A before and after.  A customer brings him a picture and his interpretation.    The drawing in straw follows,  a little more than 20 hours of work later:

Jasmin Mesaric Siren sketch

Jasmin Mesaric Siren sketch

Jasmin Mesaric Croatia SIREN 2016

Jasmin Mesaric Croatia SIREN 2016

Though photographed through glass, the floral picture shown below demonstrates another example of mixed shapes expertly paired together in their design.

Jasmin Mesaric Croatia sunflower

We thought you might also enjoy seeing the Sunflower picture in a little more detail:

Jasmin Mesaric SUNFLOWER-section-B

Jasmin Mesaric SUNFLOWER detail

The detail of the center of his sunflower is quite impressive in its execution and design:

Jasmin Mesaric SUNFLOWER-section-A

Jasmin Mesaric SUNFLOWER center detail

As an “anonymous” artist as he calls himself, he has never had an exhibition of his work until The Straw Shop and we are grateful to share his work beyond his country.

Jasmin Mesaric Croatia horsesThe Straw Shop, straw art, pyrography straw , inlaid straw

Horses by Jasmin Mesaric


In the cherry tree Jasmin Mesarić 2018

In the cherry tree Jasmin Mesarić 2018

We are fortunate to be able to show the below gallery of images to you. The below is the creation by Jasmin of a flower from beginning to end.  The process for this one flower was approximately 7 hours.


Another custom piece, this one, delightedly, was designed and made for The Straw Shop:

Jasmin Mesaric Image for Jan

Jasmin Mesaric Image for Jan


Should you be in Varazdin, Croatia,  The Straw Shop encourages you to seek him out.   Jasmin Mesaric is an anonymous artist no longer!