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No matter what you may call them: himmeli, sodas,  oror,  pajaki,  puzurs, pavaks,  pajak, spiders, universe or sky, straw crown (in Swedish-speaking Finland) or halmkroha (in Sweden) all these names translate to these amazing straw geometric mobiles.   Traditionally in the countries they are found, Belarus, Sweden, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Russia and others, this furnishing brings unexpected beauty and movement in a room. Due to their location, it is not surprising to learn there is no equivalent name for them in the English language.  According to a speaker of the subject heard in Lithuania in 2019, the origin of the straw mobiles is Northern Africa.  Over time the design progressed as it moved forward northward to Norway. During this design migration cultural differences began to appear in the mobiles.

These culturally found straw mobiles celebrate life.  They are a part of weddings, Christmas traditions, New Year’s celebrations, positive energy talisman, seasonal art and visual joy and family traditions.   The Straw Shop is your source for the materials you need; whether rye or wheat. Both materials are used; all dependent upon which straw was  found in their area.


Pajak, Puzari, himmeli

In whatever language or tradition, these airy mobiles allow for so much creativity and individuality.

We have searched for examples in as many forms as possible.The criteria is natural straw.  Although in this century, plastic straws are used by many. They simply are not the same. The movement is not the same, entirely too heavy.  The Straw Shop supports the artisans using the natural straw in their geometric mobiles and present the videos we have found to date as well the collection of images to inspire you.

We found the following video quite instructional.

Yannah Moor Hemmeli Artist


Featured Artist:

                    Yannah More  

Exploring  geometry in new ways through Himmelis.



The Golden Crown



Featured Artist:

Per-Åke Backman

A Swedish artist who blends tradition with innovative concepts of design and recycled materials.



Featured Artist:  Eija Koski  himmelis are found throughout her home in Finland.eija koski bio pic

From Lithuania, displaying the birds of straw associated with that country is this soda garden by Vida Sniečkuvienė.

Lithuanian soda garden, Vida Sniečkuvienė Lithuania, The Straw Shop

Soda Vida Sniečkuvienė Lithuania, Courtesy Vida Sniečkuvienė


The gallery below shows several designs from Lithuania, Latvia,  Ukraine, Belarus, Romania,  Finland,  Poland and Sweden, for your inspiration. In most cases, each is the work of a masterful anonymous artist.

We hope the images offer inspiration for these beautiful expressions of straw:



Want more visual inspiration?  Follow-this link-We have it!

We offer the following link to a nine minute educational video with step by step making Polish Pajak.  Pajaks are Polish folk-style Christmas decorations made out of straw and paper.  Click on the title below: 

How to make a straw ‘pająk’ for your Christmas tree


Here is yet another video: