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Denis Guerin

The Straw Shop is pleased to introduce Denis Guerin from France.Dennis Guerin bio pic © PHOTO O. GGuerin-denis_1-grande  Unlike any other artist we have introduced,  Denis’ straw specialty is in the traditional French restoration or refurbishing of “mulched” chairs using dyed rye straw. This special technique is discussed in detail on our chair restoration page.

Denis began his company in 1986 and over time, he earned the title of Master Creative Craftsman for his cane work and his French restoration specialties.  To further specialize his work, he studied coloring techniques and applied his knowledge to the rye straw he grew and then dyed. As a result, his color palette inspires original rush seating patterns adding to the design’s uniqueness.

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Denis Guerin chair detail


To preserve this art from dying and ensure the passing of the specialist knowledge onto the next generation, he established a training institution in 1988. He is one of the few French masters still applying this straw work.  Should you be in France, and would like information regarding his workshops, please click here.

denis guerin cane work


He further wrote the book “Cannez Rempaillez vos chaises” (2001), at the request of the French “Dessain and Tolra” publishing house.  A valuable book, written in French reference for furniture preservationists.

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Since writing his book, he has discovered straw marquetry.

The Straw Shop wants to acknowledge this very talented man and the craft he continues to impart to others.






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