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Delphine Robins

Delphine Robins, Delphine Robins straw marquetry, marqueterie de paille, The Straw Shop

Flowers, Courtesy Delphine Robins

The Straw Shop would like to introduce Delphine Robins, a self-taught straw artist, currently living in Scarborough England. Delphine describes her journey:

“I am a French artisan living in UK. For as long as I can remember, I have been attracted to the wonderful styles that emerged during the Art Déco period, mostly the last period called streamline “paquebot” in French.

I started to buy lots of books about furniture, famous craftsmen, paintings, and visited places in Paris where I lived to admire architecture, museums, exhibitions, galleries etc…
In parallel, I worked in boring places, but never forgot my desire to work one day with my hands.

One day, I made that decision and started training with a master upholsterer.  How great it was, I did that for 5 years until one day, something incredible happened and changed my life: a documentary with Lison de Caunes speaking about straw marquetry. It was like evidence. I never looked back and never regretted it.”

Delphine Robins

Delphine describes “straw marquetry is not easy, as it requires lots of precision, patience, dexterity, creativity and the mastery of gestures until reaching perfection or close. It took time to obtain a sufficient level quite near to perfection, and in this field of activity, excellency is the goal for luxury, unique objects.”

Inspired and after 3 years of practice, Delphine opened her own business of straw marquetry in Paris which she enjoyed for 4 years, before moving with her family to the United Kingdom.

Delphine Robins, straw marquetry, The Straw Shop

Mountain Landscape, Courtesy Delphine Robins

Once there, she began recreating her business.

Delphine Robins, Straw Marquetry,

Map of Paris, Courtesy Delphine Robins

Delphine enjoys the freedom of expression through straw.

Selphine Robins, Straw Marquetry, THe Straw Shop

Geometric, Courtesy Delphine Robins


The “panels”  she creates are her favorite due to their limitless subject matter possibilities.

Delphine Robins straw marquetry, Delphine Robins, straw art, straw marquetry, marqueterie de paille, The Straw Shop

Snow Landscape,Courtesy Delphine Robins

Delphine Robins, Straw Marquetry, Straw Art, dyed rye, The Straw Shop

Paris, Courtesy Delphine Robins

DElphine Robins, straw marquetry, Delphine Robins straw marquetry, marqueterie de paille, Abstract straw, The Straw Shop

New York, Courtesy Delphine Robins

Today, 2023, she describes herself as , ” I am now known as a “wall composition” artist.” The Straw Shop offers more images of her work:

Metro Paris, Courtesy Delphine Robins

Chrysler Tower, Courtesy Delphine Robins, straw marquetry, The Straw Shop

Chrysler Tower, Courtesy Delphine Robins

Courtesy Delphine Robins, The Straw Shop

Panoramic, Courtesy Delphine Robins

tour eiffel de nuit, Courtesy Delphine Robins, The Straw Shop

tour eiffel de nuit, Courtesy Delphine Robins

The very talented Delphine has a website showcasing her work. The Straw Shop is pleased to provide a link here.

The Straw Shop encourages the support of straw artists, and we hope you will too.

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