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Chair Restoration

3 rush chairs

There are many furniture restoration companies that carry the supplies needed to repair rush seats of chairs—all supplies but one. RYE STRAW.  We can assure you there is not a color palette available for purchase like that of The Straw Shop.

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Weaving the seat

Rather than merely replacing the worn seat with paper or synthetic products, repair your rush chair naturally incorporating rye straw. The sheen, repellant nature and color combination possibilities found only with rye straw are pretty breathtaking . rush chair detail,rye straw chair, chair restoration,the straw shop  This  rye straw application to woven seat creations, repairs, restoration appears to be unique to France.   Our research, to date, has revealed not one North American chair restoration artist or manufacturing company is practicing  this unique method of straw art.  The Straw Shop has met Denis Guerin, one of the artisans practicing this art today.  We invite you to explore and be inspired by this unique style of rye straw art. Our collection of videos  on the subject will be invaluable to you.





The Straw Shop is your supply for the rye straw needed to express your individuality!   Couple any colored rye straw with rush cording or seagrass to express your style.  Designers love how a touch of dyed rye straw can completely tie the look of a room together in a most subtle way.   The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. To see videos please click here.


Scroll through the below images. These are a nice collection and  variety of designs using dyed rye straw:

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