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Chair Restoration


Denis Guerin, 3 rush chairs

Image Courtesy Denis Guerin

The Straw Shop found the use of rye straw in furniture restoration interesting. Whether restoring, creating, or repairing rush type woven seats there appears to be a tradition of finishing the woven seats with rye straw.  The cording used to weave the seat may be covered with rye straw, by opening the stalk lengthwise and wrapping it around the weaving cord.   This method allows the use of any rye straw combination of colors, as well as the natural golds, browns, etc. The next  image gives you an idea of the type of weaving this style of straw art pertains to.


woven chair instructions, the straw shop

Weaving the seat


This image explodes with color as the rush or sea grass cording has been covered with rye straw. Some of the rows are solid in color while others are wrapped in combinations of colors giving a striped effect.

rush chair detail,rye straw chair, chair restoration,the straw shop

Image Courtesy Denis Guerin


How stunning the completed technique must be in light.  Paper or synthetic products simply would not compare to a chair naturally incorporating rye straw. The sheen, repellent nature and color combination possibilities utilizing rye straw are limitless and unique.  This straw application to woven seats, called mulching, appears to be rather unique to France.  Our research, to date, has revealed not one North American chair restoration artist or furniture company is practicing this unique method of straw art.  We invite you to explore and be inspired by this unique style of straw art.   Below we offer several images for you to see for yourself the possibilities utilizing rye straw.   If you would like to see how the technique is done we encourage you to click here.


You may scroll through the below images.  Note the variety of woven designs that may be achieved using dyed rye straw:

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This type of straw art is struggling to survive in today’s synthetic and instantaneous world .  There are but a few craftsmen offering this technique. The Straw Shop encourages you to seek them out.


The Straw Shop would also like to acknowledge the unfortunately anonymous furniture designers who’s images made this page possible.