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Branka Dulic-Serbia

Branka Dulic Serbia Straw Art

Ms. Dulic, a translator and journalist, had been working with straw since 1999.   After attending several classes in Croatian association of straw workers named “Matija Gubec” from Tavankut, Serbia.

Since her childhood she enjoyed drawing ladies with hats and lady’s
dresses.   She went on to create her own way of expressing straw art through a series of work entitled  “Ladies with hats”.

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Her first independent exhibition was named by my grandmother “Klara” it took place in my home town Subotica, Serbia.

Since then she has exhibited in her work in Pecuh, Hungary, Caussade, France and as a guest artist in Florence, Italy.


Her repertoire is expanding to include straw embellished fashion.

Straw Fashion Branka Dulic

straw fashion

fashion by By Branka Dulic, Serbia, straw fashion,

She has since retired from straw work. Although no longer active, should you have the opportunity to travel to Serbia and visit straw art rich Tavenkut, you will see straw work done by other masters.