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Straw Artisans

Meet some of the artists and designers from around the world who utilize straw as their medium.  We hope you will seek them out and support their art.   The Straw Shop is pleased to present their inspirational works.


Nadia Mitrovic bio pic
Nadja Tromivic
 – Switzerland

Natalya Lashko 2014 exhibit
Natalia Lashko – Ukraine

Nathalie Seiller DeJean, Rumplestiltkskin Tiaras, Swiss Straw, straw fashion, The Straw Shop

Nathalie Seiller DeJean– France

Ndoc Tusha Albania's Straw Master
Ndoc Tusha
– Albania

Fossoux Patricia
Patricia Fossoux, France

By Peter Tischler, USA
Peter Tischler
 – USA

Per-Åke Backman
Per-Åke Backman
 – Sweden

[Rasa Družienė Rasa Družienė -Lithuania[/caption]

Sandrine Viollet with 2008 award winning submission
Sandrine Viollet– USA

Santiago Salgado  – USA

Victoria Musson bio pic
Victoria Musson–  United Kingdom

Side table red Violeta Galan UK
Violeta Galan
– United Kingdom

Yannah More - Ukraine
Yannah More –