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Arthur Seigneur

The Straw Shop is pleased to introduce straw marquetarian,  Arthur Seigneur from Australia. 

Arthur Seigneur herring bone

Originally from Paris, Arthur is a recognized wood worker. Having earned an award for “The Best Craftsmen Apprentice” in France in his teenage years, he continued his studies into his twenties with woodwork in France. He then apprenticed in New Orleans under the guidance of Heinz Gautschi.

Arthur Seigneur

In 2014 he returned to France and sought instruction from world famous straw marquetarian Lison de Caunes.  After perfecting his skills, he left France for Australia in 2015 to create his own line of designed furniture utilizing straw marquetry.

What makes this artist so exciting is his approach to straw marquetry and understanding of color.  His Vortex table, motivated by the slant of the legs inspired the optical illusion he created so effectively in straw on the surface of the table.

Arthur Seigneur from Australia Vortex jpg

Vortex Courtesy Arthur Seigneur

Here is a view from the table’s top:

Arthur Seigneur from Australia Vortex table top view



Arthur Seigneur Vortex

Detail of the table top Vortex. The table was selected for the The Clarence Prize for Excellence in Furniture Design in Tasmania.


Straw Marquetry by Arthur Seigneur

Straw Marquetry by Arthur Seigneur

This beautiful door is another example of his work.

Arthur Seigner door


Take a look at the details of the handle. The combination of brass and straw is curiously balanced.

Arthur Seigneur door detail

The various geometric designs he incorporates makes his work shine.

Arthur Seigneur color play

Wonderful use of the colors of rye straw.

Arthur Seigneur star burst in yellows

The following chair was done by Arthur in collaboration with designer Adam Goodrum and illustrator Adam Delpozzo for the Chairity project 2015 for Cult Design. A reinterpretation of the famous Series 7 chair designed by Arne Jacobsen and manufactured at Fritz Hansen. Drawing inspired by Malika Favre.

Arthur Seidnerer, straw marquetry, The Straw Shop, straw marquetry furniture

Arthur Seigneur

Arthur Seigneur, straw marquetry, straw marquetry furniture, the straw shop

Arthur Seigneur

The optical illusions he creates are art.

Arthur Seigneur L'abeille de paille 2


Arthur Seigneur L'abeille de paille 1

The following end table is yet another of his creations.

Arthur Seigneur Art Deco side table

A detailed image of this table is shown here:

Arthur Seigneur Art Deco side table detail

The Straw Shop is pleased to have introduced Arthur to you.  We look forward to Arthur Seigneur and his designs in the coming years.  He may be contacted here.

Arthur Seigneur photographed in his Sydney studio by Mick Bruzzese for Vogue Living, September:October 2016


Published 2015.