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Agnès Paul-Depasse

agnes01A straw marquetry artist from France who is updating straw marquetry.


“I had to create something very small and even adapt the Tools to it,” she explains of her latest endeavor , a watch dial. “It  took me a long time to be able to execute the design in a perfect way using very thin [pieces of straw], which is a real difficulty.”

In 2010, Hermès recreated some of French designer Jean-Michel Frank’s most iconic furniture designs as part of its Hermès Maison home furnishing lines. It is through this recreation that Hermès got to know the work of Paul-Depasse. “Hermès was reediting furniture in straw marquetry,” she explains. “And so I sent them some pictures of dials that I had already made and the idea [for the Arceau Marqueterie de Paille] came about.”

“Working in making dials is completely different from the technique used for furniture.”

Published 2013.