Straw Stars

Straw stars are simply beautiful.  Anyone can buy them pre-made, of course, but where is the satisfaction in that? And plastic straws?  Oh please!   Straw Star Kit 1 might be just what you need to get you started.

These stars are an artist’s natural choice!   Beautiful as gifts, package decor, window pieces, additions to  Christmas wreaths or hung from a mobile and so much more.   Need the wheat stalk or the machine ironed  ribbons to make even more than the material in the kit?   We have what you need!  Still want to learn more?  To get you started, see this helpful video which will explain how they are made utilizing the kits The Straw Shop now offers:

Once you make a few, the variations are endless.  We’ve added another Straw Star Kit 3 for those who can’t seem to get enough of making these.  Customize your stars using even further beyond our wheat straw selections by substituting  different colors entirely when using  rye straw for the wheat  straw  from  our fine selection of imported  dyed rye straw.  Additional creative changes can occur using our  Straw Shop Splitter Set or from the incorporation of straw thread.    From these kits and suggestions  you may find even more inspiration from a few visual inspirations as you click through the gallery below:

We also found a tutorial from Germany   for different custom straw star ideas.  As well as the following  Russian star tying  video.   Please note the whole stalk is being ironed in this video rather than split:

Another example of a twined star: