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” Strawfest 2015   Celebrating The Countryside” will be presented by  The Guild of Straw Craftsmen.  The dates are August 28-August 30 2015.   The Strawfest  will be held at The Hayes Conference Center, Swanwick, Alfreton. Derbyshire, England.

For more information, please contact The Guild of Straw Craftsmen.



pattern  of straw-marquetry-atelier-viollet-2One thousand and One is a straw marquetry  exhibition that will be held at The Church of Saint Florentin ( in Ambose, France) from June 18-July 10, 2016 in France.



We have just learned an International Straw Festival is being organized in Sanok Poland July 15-22,  2016.  More news as it becomes available.




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